Our Products

The product that best reflects the philosophy of the Cartofaro farm in Ascoli Piceno is definitely olive oil, which has undergone initiatives to promote different varieties of olive tree and has been the motivation for the purchase of specialized tools, such as the mechanical olive harvester, used to collect the olives more efficiently.

Over time other products such as beef and grains were then added to the farm's produce.

The grains in particular, together with the fodder which is also produced on the farm, allow the cattle to be raised, they in turn provide excellent organic substances for the fertilization of the fields.

The organic crops and cattle which feature on the Cartofaro farm have allowed traditional agricultural goods to be developed into more current products, without ever sacrificing the food's authenticity.

The Organic Cartofaro Wine production includes the D.O.C. (Controlled Denomination of Origin) Rosso Piceno and Falerio in addition to the I.G.T. (Protected Geographical Indication) Marche Sangiovese and Marche Trebbiano . The grapes are harvested by hand and the wine is produced at the "Colli Venarottesi" cooperative, which is also certified organic.
Part of the wine produced is used to make "vino cotto" also called "Vicotto", literally cooked wine. This traditional product is made by reducing the volume of the fresh must by direct heat in a copper cauldron until it reaches a concentration of 26% sugar. After some fresh must has been added it is then left to ferment and is aged in oak barrels for two years.

Our grain production is based on barley and spelt.

Spelt in particular is rich in trace elements such as selenium and magnesium and it is an excellent addition to the diet of elderly people and athletes due to its ability to regulate digestion in the gut.

As well as being destined for sale as organic food products, our grains are also given as feed to the cattle along with fodder.

Our Meat

Our Farm Shop sells pork cuts and Marchigiana beef in family sizes and on reservation. This beef is known for its high fibre and lean meat.