Our Oil

As the most prized product on the Cartofaro organic farm in Ascoli Piceno, our olive oil is a success thanks to targeted investments sustained over the years, such as the mechanical olive harvester. This ensures that the final product has not undergone any damage during harvesting.

The pressing is carried out using a two- phase continuous system, during which the oil is separated from the paste without the addition of water, to obtain a higher concentration of Vitamin E and natural antioxidants.

The monocultivar oils highlight the unique properties of each olive variety so that they can be appreciated individually. Each variety is processed when it is ripe.

First comes the Ascoli Tenera which has a hint of green tomato, then there is the Sargano which instead has a touch of almond and finally the Carboncella, which has a touch of artichoke.

The different oils are then blended to form an extra virgin olive oil which combines the best of the olive varieties grown on the Cartofaro estate.