About Us

Cartofaro is a prominent business in the Piceno organic agriculture and livestock farming.

Its produce is guaranteed by numerous certifications, such as the certification from the “Soil and Health” Association based in Fano.

A profound belief in the soundness of our choices allows Cartofaro to compete with conventional agriculture, in addition managing to operate according to the so-called "short food supply chain".

The foundations of the current farm date back to 1924, when Adam Castelli purchased land near an ancient hamlet named Cartofaro in the Campolungo area of Ascoli Piceno.

Since the very beginning, grapes and olives have been the farm's main products and still today they are a great source of pride for the family-run business.

The family's enthusiasm has not waned since and the decision to farm organically meant that we had the chance to really make the most of our agronomic expertise.

This choice aims to turn traditional agricultural goods into more current products, without ever sacrificing the food's authenticity.
renovate the farm's buildings and to mechanize the production process.